PRIMET & CS2MET comparison study


GOAL:  To compare the differences and similarities between the Primary Met Site and the WS2 Climatic Site in order to determine which is ultimately more appropriate for climate mapping input.


Data used for this study was processed from original raw data from the met sites, and visually assessed for quality.  Flags were assigned to every data point deemed questionable or otherwise worthy of note.  This study will be updated when data processing is brought up-to-date.  Graphs show plots of data with all flagged points included unless otherwise noted.




Click here for an overview of the data used for this study.

Temperature Comparisons       [() refer to sensor heights above ground]


PRIMET Probe 4 is an open thermister, PRIMET Probe 4 is an enclosed thermister.


NOTE:  All PRIMET(150cm) data from probe 5 unless otherwise noted.


PRIMET (150cm) Probe 5, CS2MET (130cm)




Daily Differences and Ranges


PRIMET (150cm) Probes 4 & 5


Note: Probe 4 installed 9/14/94; Probe 5 continuous from 5/10/72; ‘flagged’ data not included in plots.


PRIMET (450cm), CS2MET (130cm)


Comparisons between PRIMET sensor heights

Note: ‘flagged’ data not included in plots.

Precipitation Comparisons

Monthly and Yearly Precipitation