Geography of the Non-Western World: GEO 105 Recitation

Lab #2 Physical Geography Week of 4/10/00


Objective: To gain an understanding of the basic concepts in physical geography, and to become familiar with the physical geography of specific countries which will be studied throughout the term in the class.


Procedure: Each group will be assigned a specific country to study. Using your lecture notes and your atlas, you will prepare a report on your findings.


For the essay:


First, present a brief overview of your assigned country's location and physical geography (mountain ranges, plains, rivers, and oceans.) .5 pt


Next, provide evidence of plate tectonic theory with respect to your assigned country by addressing the following:

1. What plates affect your country? .5 pt

2. What kind of movement is taking place between these plates - convergence (subduction / collision), divergence, or lateral/transform? .5 pt

3. Do you think the topography (the surface configuration of the landscape) is affected by plate tectonics? Give an example of a mountain range in your country that was formed by plate tectonics. How high are these mountains? Are they volcanic? 1 pt


Next, define climate and weather; what is the difference between them? .5 pt


Address the following questions with respect to your assigned country:

4. Generally, what kind of climate is found in your country? .5 pt

5. On a typical January day, what might the weather be like in the capital city of your country?

What might the weather be like on a typical July day? Present information on the average temperature, precipitation, and wind direction during these months. .5 pt

6. How do you think the topography caused by plate tectonics affects the climate of your country? 1 pt



Remember that 1 point is given for spelling, grammar, and essay structure.



This essay is due during the week of 4/24-4/28 at the beginning of the recitation period.


All essays must be typed, double-spaced, 1 - 2 pages.

Include your name, recitation #, group #, and lab #.