Geography of the Non-Western World:           GEO 105  Recitation

Lab #3          Nation State Societies                Week of 4/17/00


Name:___________________________________  Recitation #:_______  Group #:______


Objective: To understand how nations and nation-states are determined, and to understand the roles that centripetal and centrifugal forces play in shaping a country.


Procedure: For this lab, assume that there is a "Nation-State Society" (NSS). This fictitious union was formed years ago by countries which have been recognized by other societies as nation- states. Countries in this union enjoy numerous economic and social benefits. Every year, the union opens its doors for one more country, and this year there are five candidates (a different country for each group in the class.)


Imagine that your group has been contracted by the government of your country to make a case for admittance into the NSS. Between your textbook and the material provided to you during recitation period, you should be able to determine the main centripetal and centrifugal forces at work in your assigned country.


Your country:____________________


Define and contrast the following terms:














centripetal forces




centrifugal forces






The following factors are commonly taken into account when determining whether a country is a nation-state. Present data on each of them with respect to your assigned country, and indicate whether they are a centripetal or a centrifugal force:

FACTOR                DATA                                                          CENTRIPETAL/CENTRIFUGAL?











income levels

















Briefly discuss whether you think your assigned country should be admitted to the NSS. Mention your findings on least three of the above factors when presenting your decision (you may either downplay centrifugal forces or highlight centripetal forces within your country.)











This worksheet is due at the end of the recitation period.