Geography of the Non-Western World: GEO 105 Recitation

Lab #4 Environmental Degradation Week of 4/24/00


Objective: To understand the current environmental states of Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. To gain an understanding of the complex issues surrounding human-environment interaction, and to determine whether specific countries are significant contributors to environmental degradation.


Procedure: You will be given a handout of statistics concerning environmental degradation in Africa and Asia. Your group will be assigned a country in one of these regions. Read the material and discuss the environmental degradation factors. (You will also find your atlas useful in this lab.)


For the essay:


First, present a brief overview of your assigned country's location and physical geography (mountain ranges, plains, rivers, and oceans.) .5 pt


Define desertification and deforestation. How do you think they are related to soil degradation and land use? .5 pt


Next, present statistical information about environmental issues in your assigned country. Focus on the following factors, and address their respective questions: 3 pts



Deforestation What kinds of natural vegetation are being depleted?


Soil degradation What is happening to the soil?

Land area & usage What is the land mostly being degraded for?

Freshwater resources/withdrawals Is there a connection between this factor and potential water power?

Greenhouse gas emissions What kinds of activities contribute to these?

Per Capita CO2 emissions


When giving information on the above factors, how do your country's statistics compare against its continental and world figures? .5 pt


Is your country a significant contributor to environmental degradation? .5 pt


Remember that 1 point is given for spelling, grammar, and essay structure.


This essay is due during the week of 5/8-5/12 at the beginning of the recitation period.


All essays must be typed, double-spaced, 1 - 2 pages.

Include your name, recitation #, group #, and lab #.