Geography of the Non-Western World:       GEO 105  Recitation

Lab #6        The Development of Countries Week of 5/8/00

Name:___________________________________  Recitation #:_______  Group #:______


Objective: To understand the concept of development and how it is applied to different countries around the world.


Procedure: Each group will be assigned a country. Using information from your atlas and textbook, you will determine the level of development for your assigned country.


Your assigned country:______________________


Define development. Is it a subjective or an objective term? Why?





The following factors are important in determining the level of development of a country. For each, provide your assigned country's data and compare them to global averages (if no global averages can be found, use the U.S. averages for comparison):


FACTOR                       DATA                                                            GLOBAL/U.S. AVERAGES


growth rate


physician density                                


level of



birth rates                              


gross domestic

product (per capita)   


literacy rates


death rates                             





life expectancy



















What stage on the demographic transition model do you think your assigned country falls under? Why?











Given all of these factors, do you think your assigned country is an MDC ("more developed country")or a LDC ("lesser developed country")?









This worksheet is due at the end of the recitation period.