Geography of the Non-Western World: GEO 105 Recitation

Lab #7 Natural Hazards Week of 5/15/00


Objective: To gain an understanding of the factors leading to natural disasters in south, southeast, and east Asia, and to determine whether certain countries are more at risk than others.


Procedure: Each group will be assigned a country in Asia. You will research a number of factors related to natural hazards and decide whether or not your country is at high risk of being devastated in some way. Use your atlas, your textbook, and the back of this lab assignment as references.


For the essay:


First, present a brief overview of your assigned country's location and physical geography (mountain ranges, plains, rivers, and oceans.) .5 pt


Next, present the following specific information about your country: 2 pts


Climate (precipitation, temperatures)

Population density

Predominant economies (LDC or MDC?)

Plate tectonics

Specific natural hazards


How do population density and predominant economies relate to the possible impact of natural hazards on your country? Is the geography and/or climate of your country significant? 2 pts


After investigating all these factors, how susceptible do you think your country is to natural hazards? .5 pt



Remember that 1 point is given for spelling, grammar, and essay structure.



This essay is due during the week of 5/29 6/2 at the beginning of the recitation period.


All essays must be typed, double-spaced, 1 - 2 pages.

Include your name, recitation #, group #, and lab #.