Geography of the Non-Western World:       GEO 105  Recitation

Lab #8        Southeast Asia Video               Week of 5/22/00


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Objective: To gain familiarity with the cultural geography of two countries in southeast Asia: Indonesia and Malaysia.


Procedure: A video on Indonesia and Malaysia will be shown during recitation. The video will provide information for completing this worksheet.


Part 1: Indonesia


List some pros and cons of tourism in Bali:                   

PROS:                                                                         CONS:







What is the town of Ubud doing to diminish the impact of tourism on Balinese culture?









Briefly describe what the Indonesian government has done in its attempts to unify its country.








Overall, what factors contribute to the cultural diversity in Indonesia (physical geography, ethnic,

religious factors?)








Part 2: Malaysia


What are some differences in the past century between the Malay and the Chinese in Malaysia?







Have these differences been a centripetal or centrifugal effect?




What are the three main cultures (ethnicity and religion) in Malaysia?






Describe the economic roles of the Malay and Chinese in the palm oil industry and in the overall economy of Malaysia.








What is the significance of Pinang Island?






Overall, what factors contribute to the cultural diversity in Malaysia (physical geography, ethnic, religious factors?)









This worksheet is due at the end of the recitation period.