GEO 105 - Geography of the Non-Western World Recitation Spring 2000


Recitation Instructors:

Carmelita Gutierrez Jonathan Smith

Office: Wilkinson 217 Wilkinson 007

Office hours: M 1-2, W 1-2 TBA

Mailbox: Geosciences office, Rm 104 Geosciences office, Rm 104

Phone/email: 737-1307 737-1201


Recitation Times:

Section 010: T 800-850 JS Section 014: W 1100-1150 CG

Section 011: W 1200-1250 CG Section 015: F 1200-1250 JS

Section 012: M 1500-1550 JS

Section 013: F 1100-1150 JS All recitations to be held in Wilkinson 235.


Required Texts:

Goode's World Atlas Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts

Please bring both to every class!


Recitation Description:

This will be a time for students to meet in smaller groups and discuss specific issues related to the lectures. Additionally, the instructors will spend a limited amount of time out of each class meeting discussing related material from lectures and answering questions.


Course Expectations:

Each student is expected to attend every recitation and participate in group discussions. Each week, a different topic will be assigned for study.

Each student is expected to write a summary paper approximately every other week. This paper is to be 1 - 2 pages in length, double-spaced, and will summarize your group's findings. Students are expected to write a proper essay with an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. Papers exceeding 2 pages will not be accepted! The length of your paper is not as important as what you say and how you say it. Please note that both essays and worksheets will only be accepted if you are in attendance when the assignment is given. Generally, worksheets will be collected at the end of the lab period (see lab schedule on reverse side of page.)

Instances of plagiarism, copying, or other forms of cheating will not be tolerated. Any such academic dishonesty will result in a zero for that assignment and possible further disciplinary action. No late papers (after the beginning of class) will be accepted, unless there is prior notice. ALL ESSAYS ARE INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS!


Course Website:

Students will be expected to keep updated of labs and course happenings via the class website. It will often be possible for you to view lab assignments prior to your recitation class, as well as the syllabus, extra credit assignment, essay-writing tips, useful links, etc.



There are a total of 40 points possible, comprising 35% of your final grade. Each essay is worth 6 points (one point for grammar and spelling), and each worksheet will be worth 2 points. Additionally, students will receive one point each week for attending the recitation.


Recitation Schedule:

Wk 1 3/27 - 3/31 (no recitation)

Wk 2 4/3 - 4/7 Map Skills (due week of 4/10-4/14)

Wk 3 4/10 - 4/14 Physical Geography (essay due week of 4/24-4/28)

Wk 4 4/17 - 4/21 Nation States (worksheet due at end of recitation period)

Wk 5 4/24 - 4/28 Env. Degradation (essay due week of 5/8-5/12)

Wk 6 5/01 - 5/05 Midterm ReviewLab (worksheet due at end of recitation period)

Wk 7 5/08 - 5/12 Development (worksheet due at end of recitation period)

Wk 8 5/15 - 5/19 Natural Hazards (essay due week of 5/29-6/2)

Wk 9 5/22 - 5/26 SE Asia video (worksheet due at end of recitation period)

Wk 10 5/29 - 6/02 (Final Exam Review)


Lab topics are subject to change!