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Lesson Topic: The Cause and Effect Model- Gunter, Chapter 9


Objectives:  To empower classmates to use the cause and effect approach to teaching and learning with their own students.


Introduction/ Set: 

Each classmate will be handed a card with a sticker on it which will indicate the group that they will be in for the group activity.


Katrina will be our timekeeper and she will let us know when our first 15 minutes are up.


We will boldly jump into our topic with an example of how to use cause and effect in a classroom.  We will go through the cause and effect process using the World Trade Center catastrophe as the focal point of the discussion.  Cathe will write Prior Causes, Causes, Topic to Be Analyzed, Effects, and Subsequent Effects on the board and she will fill in the “chart” as Amy facilitates the discussion. We will end with conclusions and generalizations that you can make about the cause and effects of this event.(15 min.)


We will have some emergency answers planted in the audience but hopefully we won’t have to use them.


Learning Activities/ Teaching Strategies:

The class will break into groups according to the sticker on their cards, we will distribute a handout including the process of cause and effect and give them a significant action, event, condition or conflict to analyze using the cause and effect model.  The five groups will be given one of the following topics: Standards in the Schools, Poverty in Oregon, Sustained Stress, Parking Permits at Willamette, Oil Drilling in Alaska’s Wildlife Refuge. (10 min.) Cathe


Assessment/ Checks for Understanding:

Voluntary sharing of experience- Did you like the process?  Did it help to generate a stimulating and thought provoking discussion or debate? 

Have everyone take a minute to write down how they might use the concept of cause and effect in their different subjects, share some examples.  (10 min.) Amy


Summary/ Closure:

Refer to handout- general overview of the concept including advantages and leave them with a few additional suggestions about how to use cause and effect in the classroom.

 (5 min.) Cathe



What makes you think that?    Can you support that point?  Give support for your answer.












Causes:  Anti-Americanism   (emergency response, please use if class is dead!)

Prior Causes:  Religious Conflict, westernization of other parts of the world


Causes:  George Bush in office (emergency response, please use if class is dead!)

Prior Causes: dishonest election, Jeb Bush, Kathryn Harris, hanging chads


Causes:  U.S. foreign Policy (emergency response, please use if class is dead!)

Prior Causes:  Unconditional support of Israel, U.S. military in the Middle East


Effects:  Fear in U.S. citizens  (emergency response, please use if class is dead!)

Subsequent Effects:  Country becomes even more insular- afraid to fly, afraid to travel


Effects:  Economy negatively effected (emergency response, please use if class is dead!)

Subsequent Effects:  Lay-offs, recession, increase in crime due to desperation


Effects:  Retaliation within our own country- on Middle Eastern Americans

Subsequent Effects: War abroad and at home- anthrax, etc…

(emergency response, please use if class is dead!)


Causes:  Globalization

Prior Causes:  Immigration, temptation of freedom and democracy