[prism-updates] Data Alert: Updated February 1982 Daily and Monthly Grids

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== February 1982 Data Update ==

PRISM daily and monthly grids for tmax, tmin, tmean, tdmean, vpdmin and 
vpdmax were recently updated for February 1982, after several 800m grid 
cells in SE Idaho and W Wyoming were found to be set to missing in the 
06 Feb 1982 tmax grid. The 4km version derived from the 800m data was 
not affected directly, because the filtering algorithm ignored these 
grid cells in its areal averages. However, their subsequent inclusion 
changed the 4km values slightly. In addition, slight changes were 
propagated to other variables and other days in the month once 
inter-variable consistency and daily/monthly reconciliation adjustments 
were run. Overall, the update resulted in very minor changes to the grid 
values. The new grids have now replaced the old grids, and are available 
for download from the website, FTP site, and web services.

Summary of updated grids:

  * tmin, tmax, tmean: 06 Feb 1982 only
  * tdmean, vpdmin, vpdmax: Feb 1982 (all days)

  * vpdmin, vpdmax: Feb 1982

== end of update ==

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