Thesis citation:

Keon, D. B. 2001. Factors limiting the distribution of the sensitive lichen Usnea longissima in the Oregon Coast Range: habitat or dispersal? M.S. Thesis. Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA.

Publications from thesis:

Keon, D. B., and P. S. Muir. 2002. Growth of Usnea longissima across a variety of habitats in the Oregon Coast Range. The Bryologist 105:233-242.

Keon, D. B. 2002. Fertile Usnea longissima in the Oregon Coast Range. The Lichenologist 34:13-17.

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Feel free to contact me (keon -at- nacse -dot- org) if you have questions about my research, or about Usnea longissima, in general.

Dylan Keon